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Itchy skin can be pretty irritating. However, it is something that occurs commonly in people. The first thing that you need to find out about itchy skin is the symptoms. It isn’t as simple as “if it’s itchy, scratch it” anymore.

There are many causes of itchy skin and they have different effects. There are cases when the itchiness is localized in a specific part of the skin. There are also instances when the whole body itches. Some types of itchy skin have no visible markings, while others come with rashes.

A common symptom is the vicious itch-scratch cycle. Basically, the more you itch, the more you scratch, but the more you scratch, the itchier your skin becomes. This type of itchy skin can be hard to treat, as the cycle can be quite difficult to break and scratching can be so tempting.

There are also certain types of itchy skin which come not with rashes, but with scaly and even cracked skin.

Most types of itchy skin are caused by skin conditions. There are a lot of skin diseases which have itchy skin as a symptom. Usually, this type of itchy skin is usually localized in an area and comes with other symptoms such as rashes.

Different types of skin disorders require different skin treatments. The best advice would be for you to go to a dermatologist and have your skin examined properly. Whatever you do, try to avoid scratching the skin, as some skin disorders could be aggravated by scratching.

Itchy skin can also result from allergies. Poison ivy and poison oak are two types of plants that have allergens which cause rashes and itchy skin when someone comes in contact with them. Allergies caused by contact with a plant can get worse if you scratch it, as the allergens are spread around and irritate more areas. Drug allergies or food allergies can also cause itchy skin and could be more worrisome, as itchy skin in this case could be an indicator of a serious allergic reaction.

Some internal diseases could also cause itchy skin. In cases like these, the itchiness is often felt all over the body and not localized in a specific area. The skin may also appear normal, except for parts that have been scratched.

If itchy skin lasts for a long time and no home remedy seems to work, you should try to seek medical help. This is also the case if the itch is too intense and hampers your daily living. Another warning sign is if the itch comes right after a meal or new medication and comes with rashes or skin inflammation.

Itchy skin is something that we experience every day. That is why it can be a bit hard to say if it indicates a serious condition or just something you can ignore. Remember these bits of information to help you discern.


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