Skin Tags

Despite the fact that skin tags are benign and present no danger to health, people still seek ways to remove them. Why? To put it simply, skin tags can be very unattractive. Before we go into that discussion, however, we need to examine what skin tags are.

Skin tags are actually classified as tumors. They are protruding and hanging bits of skin that form in areas where skin rubs or presses together, like on the eyelids, under arms and under the breasts. During the early stages of a forming skin tag, it can appear like nothing more than a bump, but skin tags can actually grow to the size of a grape. Now that’s scary.

There is actually no known reason why skin tags form, although it has been observed that they can occur more frequently with age. Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy is also thought to cause skin tags.

Skin tags can be gotten rid of through different means:

1) Natural – some skin tags naturally fall off without pain or discomfort. In fact, some people just notice that their skin tags are gone without knowledge of how the skin tags were removed. This usually happens if the skin tag is twisted at the base and the blood flow is cut off from the tag. The skin tag “dies” and falls off.

2) Creams – some topical creams are marketed as skin tag treatments. They claim to be able to remove skin tags just like magic. Some people prefer the usage of creams and lotions, as this option feels less invasive and doesn’t cost as much as surgery.

3) Cauterization – This is a type of surgery where skin tag removal is done through laser or electrolysis. Basically, the skin tag is burned off, preventing bleeding and giving way to a quick healing process. Another type of cauterization is chemical cauterization, but this process is rarely used nowadays as electricity and laser is more easily controlled.

4) Cryosurgery – In this case, skin tags are removed through freezing. There are many methods for doing this, the most common being the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin tag and remove it. Recent advances in technology have enabled doctors to use argon gas to more accurately control the ice formation, making for a more precise procedure. Skin tag removal using this method is actually painless.

5) Excision – this is a straight out cutting of the skin tag. This may cause some bleeding, but is generally painless. A scalpel or a pair of scissors is used to cut off the skin tag.

Skin tag removal is actually considered to be a purely cosmetic procedure. Because of this, surgery might not be covered by insurance. But if you want to get rid of those unsightly skin tags, then it is helpful to learn that skin tag removal is a very real possibility.


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