Skin Rashes

There are actually many different types of skin rashes. Knowing what sort of rash you have can be crucial to its treatment. Skin rash is commonly observable as an itchy discolored spot on the skin, ranging in color from pink and red to tan.

The most common source of rashes is an allergen. A lot of people get rashes when they come into contact with plants such as poison oak and poison ivy. This is due to an allergic reaction to certain essential oils in the plant. Skin that comes in contact with these plants become irritated and, sometimes, inflamed.

The term used to denote this type of skin rash is Contact dermatitis. This sort of rash also occurs when sensitive skin comes in contact with harsh soaps and other chemical substances.

Atomic dermatitis or eczema is the form of skin rash that’s chronic. Its exact cause is actually unknown, but some people believe it to be caused by an imbalance in hormones or a malfunction of the immune system. Eczema usually appears in areas such as the back of the neck or at the folds of elbows and knees. Treatment for this form of skin rash usually involves application of a topical cream or lotion.

Skin rashes may also occur as a reaction to medication. Drug rash usually starts as a few small spots that quickly spread outward. One warning sign that you should look out for is if the drug rash spreads too quickly – this can be a sign of a more dangerous and severe allergic reaction that’s occurring in your body. Drug rash often develops up to two weeks after a new medication is taken and is usually a result of taking antibiotics and steroidal drugs.

Another common type of rash is Miliaria or Heat rash. As the name suggests, heat rash is often caused by heat. They can be very itchy and are sometimes even painful. One wayt to get rid of this type of rash is to avoid restrictive clothing and making sure that the affected areas are dry and not prone to sweat.

Intertrigo is a very painful skin rash that occurs mostly in areas where skin rubs or presses together, like under the arms or in the groin area. This type of skin rash is caused by bacteria, fungi and moisture and can be very painful. Skin can actually break and bleed due to this skin rash type. Caring for this type of skin rash requires you to neutralize the growing conditions of the bacteria or fungi by wearing light clothing and making sure that the affected area is kept cool and dry.

Psoriasis is the type of skin rash that occurs with the buildup of dead skin cells on top of healthy skin cells. This is caused by the speeding up of the life cycle of skin cells and usually results in a red, scaly rash. Many people treat this type of skin rash with minor concern, but it can be disabling to others.


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