Oily Skin

Oily skin is most usually caused by hormonal shifts. This is the reason why a lot of teenagers suddenly find themselves developing oily skin. Of course, this is not a condition that anyone wants to have. Oily skin is prone to blemishes, blackheads, pimples and other types of skin illnesses.

A lot of people, when they experience oily skin, try to get rid of the condition by constant washing. This is not advisable. Too frequent washing and usage of harsh soaps can actually dry out the skin, forcing skin cells to compensate and produce oil overtime. This means that too frequent washing can actually lead to oilier skin.

A good piece of advice to follow when washing oily skin would be to use hot or warm water. The temperature will help open up the pores, getting rid of clogged oil and reducing the risk of pimples or acne. After washing with hot water, dab some cold water on your face to close those pores and protect your face from the environment.

A lot of moisturizers today actually make use of oils to help you get better skin. You should avoid these and stick to moisturizers that are water-based. The last thing you need is more oil on your skin.

People with oily skin should also be careful about choosing make-up. Actually, using cosmetics should be avoided, as they could clog your skin up. If you do want to use make-up, you should look for some that are especially designed for oily skin. They might help you get rid of that shine.

Smoking is also a no-no when it comes to oily skin. Actually, smoking is generally bad for any type of skin. Smoking enlarges the pores and causes them to get clogged up. The carbon and tar in smoke could also cling to skin oil, causing pimples and even acne.

Get enough rest. As you may know, stress actually increases oil production and causes pimples. If you want healthy and glowing skin, you should get enough sleep and maintain a calm state of mind. Sleep is very important as it is during sleep that skin cells work overtime to repair any damage.

Too much sun exposure’s always bad, so try to look for a sunscreen that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or more. However, you should try to avoid sunscreens which are greasy and which would just add to the accumulation of oil on your skin.

Another thing you should watch is your diet. Sugar and starch can pretty much increase oil production in the skin, so you ought to avoid them. Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. This will help you get rid of oily skin and shine without the grease.

How to care for Oily Skin


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