Clear Skin

Clear skin doesn’t just mean you are attractive, it also means that you are healthy. Getting clear and smooth skin will help you positively glow with health and energy! Here are a few tips you might like to use:

1) Hydrate – there’s nothing like getting plenty of water and moisture in you to freshen up your skin and reinvigorate your looks. Water can definitely help you on your way to getting the clear skin you want. Water helps flush out toxins from your skin to make you look and feel younger. Water also helps increase the health of your skin cells, giving you that glow of health you always wanted.

2) Stay away from cosmetics – Natural beauty always shows. Some cosmetics today may tempt you with their ability to manufacture beauty. However, you should really ask yourself regarding its cost. Most cosmetics actually clog the pores, leading to pimples or even acne –far from your vision of what clear skin should be.

3) Wash, but don’t overdo it – regular washing of the face helps clear out those pores and gets rid of the dirt acquired from a whole day of work. Washing helps prevent pimples. However, you shouldn’t do this too frequently, as it could cause your skin to dry out and trigger your skin cells to begin producing more oil.

To get clear and smooth skin, you should also use a moisturizer after you wash your face. When washing, try to use your fingers or a washcloth. Do not scrub your skin, as this could cause dryness and excess oil production.

4) Eat healthy – there are many myths when it comes to food and skin. Some of these myths have no basis in fact. However, you should realize that what you eat does affect how you look. If clear skin is what you want, you ought to try eating healthy. Getting lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will give your body more vitamins to work with, including Vitamins A and E, which are essential for clear and smooth skin.

5) Limit sun exposure – as you may know, avoiding the sun altogether isn’t healthy at all. However, you should make sure not to expose yourself to too much sunlight. Sunlight between 9 AM to 4 PM can be damaging to the skin and prolonged exposure can be dangerous, especially for people who don’t tan easily or who burn in the sun.

6) Relax – many studies have shown a correlation between stress and acne. If you want clear skin, you might want to avoid stress. This might seem like a hard thing to do, but remember that stress is a psychological factor that you can control. You might not be able to control the events around you, but you can control how you react to them. This is the best way to clear and smooth skin.


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